Recruitment-As a priority, our Human Resources Unit hires those skilled individuals who are in line with our company’s vision and the strategy of our organization’s workforce. In this respect, the criteria for open positions and job descriptions are expected to bring forward possible candidates. As well as a general application and interview process for our open positions, we also conduct a personality test, a foreign language test, and general aptitude tests to reinforce our hiring procedure. Conceding that suitable candidates are offered a job at the end of the entire process, recruitment is carried out in the event of adopting a work proposal between the company and the new employee.

Development Programs-Hereafter, we strongly wish to foster the success of Eksim by training and advancing our employees. We offer a number of development programs, such as Leadership School, Management Training, Career-Based Training and Personal Development Training, all of which aim to contribute to the progression of our employees.

Career Planning-At Eksim Investment Holding an effective career planning system is applied. A tier system plan of career development is made by the board on the basis of a variety of circumstances. Thanks to rotation, temporary assignment, promotion, transfer, and substitutions, the Human Resources Unit provides our employees’ careers with reinforcement and implementations.

Wages and Social Rights-With Eksim, a rank system is available which determines wages and social rights. A tier system of wages is being created in accordance with terms and conditions which are in line with the current market. The Human Resources Unit reestablished the positions that are used in the company according to the tier system. The social rights within the company also change according to the tier system.

Annual Permissions-According to labor law, Eksim employees are permitted the right to annual leave according to the duration specified in the legal permission.

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