Altınapa Flour Mill was established in the early beginning of 1950.Today, it is one of the most modern factories in Turkey with its capacity of 650 tons/day, modern laboratories, automated production systems, 3 production lines, dry wheat silos and flour silos with a capacity of 40.000 and 5.000 tons respectively.

Altınapa Milling has a leading position with its product quality, capacity and experienced staff amongst the flour producing plants. It has a reliable and effective image with its trademark “Alpa” both in local market and in overseas. Especially, the company has a very good reputation in the production of “special purpose wheat flour”.

The company is also the leader for its region in flour export.

The company serves through 3 regional directorates in Ankara, Istanbul and Konya. Altınapa Milling has taken its place among Turkey’s largest 500 companies list which is published by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

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