Sinangil, who carries the reputation of the first supplier of packaged retail flour to the Turkish market, has been operating in food industry since 1963. Its R&D and innovations activities, product diversifications, high level of product quality and market penetration make the Sinangil brand as one of the leading kitchen brands in Turkey. 

Sinangil has All Purpose Flour, Special Purpose Flour, Cake Mixes, Functional Flour, Bread Mixes, Baking Aids, Gluten Free Flour in the consumer product range. It also has Cake Mixes, Pastry Mixes, Bread Mixes and Bread Improvers for professional users.

Sinangil’s trademark was awarded with the status of “Recognized Brand” from the Turkish Patent Institute and selected as the most recognized flour brand in the surveys conducted by Nielsen in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 which proves that Sinangil is chosen as the leading brand in its field by consumer appreciation. As one of the top brands in the food industry and market, Sinangil contributes to develop food trends in Turkey by taking innovations from Europe and rest of the World.

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